During summer on the North Coast there is amazing conditions for paddle boarding, however if the conditions change it can become very dangerous quickly. We recommend paddle boarding in Portrush Harbour or Portballintrae Harbour on windy days!

Safety Checklist

  • Look out for the orange windsock on a lifeguarded beach 
  • Avoid offshore winds
  • Launch and return inside the black and white chequered flags
  • Tell someone you are going paddle boarding
  • Bring a phone
  • Paddleboard with a mate
  • Know your limits
  • Check weather conditions
  • Always wear a leash
  • Wear suitable clothing, a wetsuit is necessary in winter
  • Wear a personal floatation device such as a buoyancy aid
  • Learn to paddle board with a qualified instructor first 
  • Call 999 in case of emergency and ask for the coastguard
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