The North Coast has seen a massive interest and increase in the number of people open water bathing and swimming daily, encouraged by the effects of the pandemic. Recent research has highlighted the benefits of cold water emersion on both physical and mental wellbeing.

Safety Checklist

  • Choose a lifeguarded area or know the hazards of where you choose to swim 
  • Tell someone on shore you are going swimming
  • Swim with a mate
  • Know your limits
  • Stay within your depth
  • Be aware of rip currents
  • Check weather conditions
  • Wear a bright coloured swimsuit and hat or wetsuit 
  • Use a tow float
  • Bring warm clothes and warm drink for after your swim
  • Take a means of communication
  • Always acclimatise to avoid cold water shock
  • Call 999 in case of emergency and ask for the coastguard 
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